The Flag of Scotland

If you visit Scotland you will see the blue and white flag in many places. Although Scotland today is part of the United Kingdom, the use of the Scottish flag is very popular and you can buy the design on many products.

What Is The Scottish Flag?

The Scottish flag consists of a white x-shaped cross on a blue background. This is called the Scottish saltire. Technically the cross is known as a crux decussata, the word decussatas relating to the number ten which in Roman numerals was represented by an X. This cross is the symbol of Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, who is said to have been crucified on a cross of this shape.


Why is the Scottish saltire blue? There doesn't seem to be a particular reason and apparently other colours were used in the past. The use of blue seems to have become standard sometime in the 16th century, however even then there was no general agreement on exactly which shade of blue it should be.

The precise colour for the flag of Scotland was only decided officially in 2003. The Scottish government formally adopted Pantone 300 as the background for the Scottish saltire. In web terms this is approximately RGB #0063BE.