More Quotes For Holyrood

The Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood in Edinburgh is an interesting building, not least for the various quotations inscribed on the wall of the building. Now, to mark ten years of devolution, two more quotes will be added to the 24 already present.

The first new lines are from Oh Dear Me (A Mill Song) by Mary Brooksbank:

Oh, dear me, the warld's ill-divided, Them that work the hardest are aye wi' least provided, But I maun bide contented, dark days or fine, For there's no much pleasure livin' affen 10 and nine

The second quote is from A Man in Assynt by Norman MacCaig:

Who possesses this landscape? The man who bought it or I who am possessed by it? False questions, for this landscape is masterless and intractable in any terms that are human

The two new quotation stones will be officially unveiled on December 17th 2009.